Meet the Team

Hello, thanks for popping by!



I am Saketh and I am an engineering student from IARE and a creative force behind Codemega.

When I started my college, I originally had an idea of going into development. But slowly after, I recognised the lack of quality in our education system. The magnificent Ideas of students are left untouched because of lack of proper knowledge. After starting my programming club in IARE and getting instant gratification of praise from others , I was hooked. Building solutions to problems is my thing.


Then I decided, this is a new way to show and share my passion.

I do the work I do because I love it. I like the industry. I like the people I meet. I like to make the web a better place. Hopefully we cross paths in the real world someday and we can make it a better place together.

I have got a great team to work with, always supportive and passionate. I believe we can together can help you to achieve your goals easily.


Event Organiser 

Ravi leads the newly formed channels in Codemega, with his experience in programming and development of applications. He's expert in developing any kind of software automation. He got selected in NASA space apps hackathon for building app prototype.


Head of students interaction committee 

As Head of students interaction committee, Divya oversees the clubs day-to-day activities. Prior to Codemega, she organised many events where she led the organising team and students with ease. She is expert in interacting and closing the deals.


Head of students interaction committee

Ramya brings to Codemega, her experience of dealing with students. Most recently, she was a part of an organising team for a coding event. She oversees human resources, people operations, talent acquisition & development, facilities & workplace services.


Head of Development 

Sravan brings to Codemega, his experience in building and designing websites and apps. Most recently, he developed a blind apron as a part of STSP. He's expert in developing websites and applications of any kind. He got selected in NASA space apps hackathon for building app prototype.


Event Organiser 

Bhargav brings to Codemega, his experience in programming and building applications. He's expert in solving problems and coding complex logics. He also got selected in many online coding competitions and is now the member of Codemega to serve our students with a quality content.